Almost two decades ago, two very ambitious brothers started a small hardware shop on Old Canterbury Road in the suburb of Summerhill in New South Wales, Australia.
It seemed that the business was much needed in the area at the time and since then Alfred and Eddie Chehab have started more businesses to serve the ever growing and very demanding building industry in Sydney.

After setting up Advanced Hardware, the two brothers invested in a timber yard on the corner of Charles Street and Canterbury road at Canterbury. Alfred, who had the knowledge and the experience from his previous job with AW Swaddling decided to start a timber import business. The very successful duo managed to make the best out of their new venture. Now, they rank between the biggest importers of timber from Canada and New Zealand and they offer a complete range of timber products.

As always, there’s a sequence to any success story. After setting up both Advanced Hardware and Advanced Timbers, the Chehabs start another timber yard at Revesby. Advanced Timbers Revesby will set the pace for the “conquest of the west”.
A couple of years down the track, they acquire Australian Timbers on Milperra road at Revesby too. Since then, the two timber yards have supplied many of the timber used in building the “Inner West”.

With the start of the new century, the two brothers decide they have to expand even more as the industry gets more complicated and the market more demanding.
Now Advanced Frames and Trusses at Ingleburn is the answer for you prefab needs. Another venture that proved successful. Its being part of the future that assures you a spot in the present. Frames and trusses is the future of the building game. So successful it’s already out there on almost every building site.
Advanced Frames and Trusses will cover every aspect of the matter. Give them your plans and they take it from there. In good hands.
Last but not least, Georges River timber at Ingleburn. Whether you’re building a deck or erecting a fence they have the right product for you. Treated and cypress pine, hardwoods…. Go and visit their large hangar custom built especially to house all your needs.

All for one and one for all. A very old and successful formula that lies between the lines of Advanced Group of Companies story. A story to follow closely. We have been promised more by the Chehab brothers.

Advanced Timber Group of Companies.

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