Timber Doors at Sydney's best prices, come in and see for your self.

Be sure to check our extensive range os Paslode nail guns and associated nails. Sydney's best prices.


We now stock a new range of Stanley Tools. Including the famous Stanley "Fat MAX" measuring tapes, popular with Sydney's best builders.


Many timber and hardware suppliers may lay claim to afford outstanding service to customers but we strive to be the best. By our customers recognition, we have risen from a minor hardware enterprise, to become a very significant force in the Sydney timber and hardware sphere.

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Advanced Timber - Canterbury [contact us]

Located at our Canterbury outlet is a wide variety of timber and timber related products. Come in and view our Timber Flooring Showroom which is a unique display of how timber flooring will look once installed making the decision process easier.

Having trouble deciding which species to use or how they compare then check out our Flooring Species Section. Where you can compare the different flooring timber species available from the major Australian suppliers available at Advanced Timber & Hardware at the best prices.

Want to compare all the species available then head on into our Flooring Species Gallery. Helping you decide which species is best suited to your application.

Two of our directors hold engineering and wood technology qualifications and offer free advice on the best and most efficient manner in which to build. Plans can be interpreted and efficient builders recommended to perform work at realistic prices.

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